Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunglass Goddess

Have you ever wanted a pair of sunglasses then went to go try them on and to your horror they look terrible!!!

Lately I have been scoping the net for a new pair of shades to buy and every single pair of sunglasses I like are on the gorge Audrina.

Seriously check out the pics below, have you ever seen someone look so good in shades!?

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  1. she is so stinkin cute. The first pair are def my favorite. && now I'm off to go online shopping.

    I blame my impulsive shopping gene.

    thanks, mom. hahaha

  2. I hate searching for Sunglasses because my face is such a weird shape that nothing really looks good on it :(.

  3. hahah i know what you mean about the online shopping - adddictedddd!

    and yes I'm the same about sunglasses, i love so many pairs and they NEVER fit my face right... it's my nose i swear lol... i think thats why i'm so envious of audrina whom can pull them off !