Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black Label Boutique

Lately work has been a bit slow and I've taken the opportunity to do some browsing through the Internet (shh, bad I know!) I came across this AMAZING website called the Black Label Boutique

I am not sure if you ladies have ever heard of it but essentially it's a website that carries all the name brand clothing that celebrities buy. They have tab specifically for celeb shopping and it shows what they are wearing.

I have been seriously lusting for this Rebel Yell t-shirt seen below on Audrina! How cute does this look!?! I swear that girl could look good in a paper bag!

They carry labels like Wildfox, Rebel Yell, Brokedown, Chaser LA and lots more!
Here are some pics of celebs sporting these labels... Enjoy!

I am sooo tempted to pull out the credit card and go hog wild howeeevver I have to curb my serious temptation to do so, gotta try and save those bills!!!

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